Be a Secret Santa at Fulton High School

One of the membership’s favorite gatherings happens this month and it is an opportunity to be Santa for a high school student. No, you don’t have to don the suit, high school kids wouldn’t be seen near Santa’s shack and that big red suit, that wouldn’t be cool. Everyone should feel the joy of the season and you can spread that cheer to a high school student who might not have gifts under their tree.

Don’t miss this meeting at 7:45am on November 9th at Fulton High. We will meet in the Library. This meeting will also have an auction to raise money for the Secret Santa program, word has it that Broadway Carpets will bring a special rug to auction for the holidays.


The business spotlight to be interviewed on Fulton Radio this month is Graphic Creations.


Nonprofit July at Emerald Ave UMC on July 13

Emerald Ave

This month promises to be fun and different. For the hot summer months we thought we would shine a spotlight on our nonprofit members, so drumroll please for…NONPROFIT JULY. We will have a series of short nonprofit member spotlights showcasing our community of those who pour their hearts into our city for the good of others. Come learn about what they are doing and see if there is a place you  would like to do some community good.

Nonprofits were asked to sign up at the last meeting. Due to the overwhelming response sign-ups are closed.

Nonprofits (in alphabetical order) to speak are:

Each group will get 3.5 minutes to tell about their nonprofit, they can hand out information. Since time will be limited links to each participating nonprofit are above: Each participant must be respectful of the other nonprofits time.

Helpful tip for our speakers, pick one topic and highlight it. Things like:

  • Tell the NKBPA how we can help your nonprofit
  • Tell about an event or make an announcement
  • Share volunteer opportunities.

We will meet at Emerald Avenue United Methodist Church at 7:45am on JULY 13. The meeting will adjourn at 9am. We hope to see you there.