January’s meeting, it’s electric… See you at BESCO

The first NKBPA meeting of 2018 will be on January 12 at BESCO, 1800 N Central St, Knoxville, TN 37917. President George Bove starts the new year off right for our businesses in the 37917 area.


Breakfast is sponsored by BESCO and the meeting will begin at 7:45am. 

The business spotlight for January is Mike Leventhal of Tennessee Men’s Health Network. You can contact mike at mikel@mentshealthnetwork.net

Please remember it is time to renew your membership. Dues are $50 annually. People, that’s a deal. Where else can you get great networking, community involvement, and breakfast EVERY month for only $50 a year? Nowhere! Renew or join today, fill out your membership application here. Print it and mail it along with your check to NKBPA c/o Eddie Willis  P.O. Box 27479  Knoxville, TN 37927-7479. If you prefer to pay by credit card, we will be taking credit card payments at the meeting. 

Invoices for dues will arrive in your email inboxes at the first of the year. If there is more than one representative for your company/location attending the meeting, they will all receive an invoice. Payment for membership is per company, per location. So if you get two invoices from two attending representatives for one business location, you need pay only once. If you have questions, please contact nkbpa.info@gmail.com.


Be a Secret Santa at Fulton High School

One of the membership’s favorite gatherings is this month and it is an opportunity to be Santa for a high school student. No, you don’t have to don the suit, high school kids wouldn’t be seen near Santa’s shack and that big red suit, but you can give to help someone who might not get to experience the joy of the season. Don’t miss this meeting at 7:45am on November 10th at Fulton High. We will meet in the Library.


Our business spotlight will be John Idol with Tempo Forms. Contact John at 281-8663 or 254-8663, email jidol0194@gmail.com.