Upcoming Meetings

Friday, June 9

Helen Ross McNabb
Address: 205 W Springdale Ave, Knoxville
Our speaker will be Knox Count Mayor Tim Burchett
Our program will be on the new Safety Center. 

Breakfast will begin at 7:45 am, the meeting will begin at 8 am and let out promptly at 9 am.

Breakfast will be sponsored by Helen Ross McNabb

Business Spotlight this month:
Carla Keep Mounger
Keep Remodeling
visit their Facebook Page
Call (865) 321-5460
Don’t forget we are using a name tag check-in system now: If you have paid your dues, and you do not have a name tag, or you have another representative who does not have a name tag, please let Charmin know and a badge will be made for you by the next meeting.
Note: If your organization has an event coming up, please bring flyers or information to be placed on the tables. This way our members have a tangible reminder, it will help us to publicize your events on social media and help us to wrap up the meeting on time.

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