April finds us at Emerald Avenue United Methodist Church

Emerald Ave

Our host this month is Emerald Avenue United Methodist Church, 1620 N Central Street37917. Our speaker will be the Honorable Judge John Rossen.

Be sure to mark the date change on your calendar. Our April meeting is on the 3rd Friday (the 21st). Breakfast will start at 7:45am and the meeting will adjourn at 9am. 

The Business Spotlight will be Nathan Myers from Northwestern Mutual. for more information about Nathan visit nathanmyers.nm.com.

Last month’s new roll out of the member check-in went well. We encountered a few small snags, but that’s to be expected with anything new. The feedback we received was very positive, so we will be making that our standard going forward. . Members are now checked in by taking their name badge. So our members need not stand in line to sign-in. We only ask that our guests sign-in.

If you missed the March meeting here is how it goes: Members are now checked in by taking their name badge. Name badges are arranged in alphabetical order by COMPANY NAME. Once you have your name tag, you do not have to sign in, this gives you time to network and enjoy breakfast. We only ask that our guests sign-in.

Members, please make welcome anyone who is not wearing members name tag.

Attendance is taken by returning your name tag at the end of each meeting, so if you left with your nametag, please remember to bring it back. The next month’s business spotlight is drawn from the returned name tags.

If you have paid your dues, and you do not have a name tag, or you have another representative who does not have a name tag, please let Charmin know and a badge will be made for you by the next meeting.

Rather than take up valuable time verbally making announcements we ask that announcements be placed on the table in flyer or brochure format. That way interested parties can take your reminder with them. It also helps us to have the information to post on our social media.

March 10 meeting kicks off at Sansom Sports Complex

Sansom Soccer Fields
Sansom Soccer Fields

The NKBPA March 10th meeting and breakfast will be hosted by Emerald Youth at the Sansom Sports Complex (located at 234 Dale Ave, on the corner of Dale Ave and Seventeenth St.)

The Sansom Sports Complex provides world-class playing fields and facilities for soccer, lacrosse, flag football and performance training. Primary users are the children and teens who attend Knoxville’s urban schools.

Breakfast will begin at 7:45am, the meeting will begin at 8am and let out promptly at 9am.

Note: If your organization has an event coming up, please bring flyers or information to be placed on the tables. This way our members have a tangible reminder, it will help us to publicize your events on social media and help us to wrap up the meeting on time.